Gotham Unlimited presents a team of the best masonry contractors, concrete demolition and installation service providers, and stonework experts in NJ and NY! We know your project is unique, and we are committed to giving you the individualized attention needed to get it done right!

Gotham Unlimited was founded for two main reasons: To provide the best-quality masonry and stonework contracting services in NJ and NY, and to do so while providing an opportunity for growth and development of skilled contractors. Unlike many large corporations, our founders know their team by name, and most of the customers as well! When we start work on a project, we make sure to get to know your needs and the unique needs of your property, so we can help to create a space that is safe, functional, and attractive.

We specialize in masonry and concrete work, including concrete demolitions and installations. Throughout our many years of experience, we have been privileged to work with all sorts of different clients, from residential homeowners wanting a beautiful patio, to businesses wanting to improve accessibility and safety, to government organizations in need of effective concrete solutions. We respect our clients and our team, as well as the earth we live on, and always stay updated on the latest green solutions. If you need stonework, masonry, concrete demolition or installation services in New Jersey or New York, call Gotham Unlimited for a hassle-free project.


Gotham Unlimited and its founding team provide a combined wealth of experience, with over 60 years of heavy commercial construction, and an additional 100 years of business operations experience. Gotham Unlimited is a trustworthy and reliable masonry company in NY that is known for completing a wide variety of projects on time and within budget.

Maurice A. Rodriguez


Everal Pratt

Co-Owner/Vice President

Jason Brown

Director of Book Keeping & Accounting


Director of Sales & Marketing


Director of Safety/Accident Prevention

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