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At Gotham Unlimited, our skilled masonry contractors in NJ make sure your project always “makes the grade.” In this case, we’re talking about the grade of your property, which refers to the “levelness” of your ground. Before we pour concrete sidewalks or driveways, our team always works to ensure a level, even space so the concrete will be strong and sturdy, but you may have needs for grading contractor services for other projects. An appropriate grade on your property ensures that water will drain properly away from structures, reduces soil erosion, and keeps your property looking beautiful. Grading issues are often the culprit for water leaks and floods, so make sure to hire a skilled masonry contractor for grading services in New York. In addition to the grading services that the team at Gotham Unlimited provides for our concrete driveways, our grading solutions address landscape issues, remedial grading, water retention ponds, road or path construction, and so much more. Need it level? Call Gotham Unlimited today for grading and concrete services in NY.

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