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Home values are soaring in most areas, but savvy owners still want more. If you own a commercial property, you might see more challenges as many offices are moving to a work-from-home system, but the best properties are still attracting clients. How can you make your property more valuable for your needs or the needs of your commercial clients? Concrete installations can help! Here are 5 ways that an expert concrete installer in NY can boost your property value.

1. Add accessibility. In an aging world, we must take into consideration those of us who struggle with mobility. This means that your property can be improved with safe stairs, tidy walkways, and sturdy walk ramps that allow all visitors to use your property safely. Whether you are upgrading a community to meet modern ADA standards, or just thinking ahead and planning to age in place, masonry contractors in NY can help you design and accessible solution.

2. Go green(er). Concrete work, like all construction, can generate a lot of waste. Reduce your environmental impact when you work with a green company like Gotham Unlimited! We work with green manufacturers for many of our supplies, and help you consider concrete design elements that can help save on heating and cooling costs.

3. Meet codes and end violations. Is your older building not up to code? Do you have violations on your property from tree roots or age? An expert concrete installation and demolition company in NY can remove the old, broken things, and replace them with beautiful new designs.

4. Improve appearance. Having a property you love looking at is worth the expense! Beautify your home or commercial property with stonework, masonry, and concrete design services.

5. Strengthen foundations. Older homes are prone to challenges with their foundation, and newer homes need to meet stringent standards of construction. Make your next foundation a solid one when you build with Gotham Unlimited, and ensure your buyer that their investment will stay secure as long as they own it.

Convinced? Don’t wait to start your project—call Gotham Unlimited today to maximize the value of your property.

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