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Outdoor entertainment has always been attractive to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. However, with COVID-19 pandemic, these options are even more important! If you’ve started to socialize again, chances are you are doing so from the safety of the great outdoors. So how can you step up your outdoor entertainment game so it seems like you’re living your best life? Here are some expert tips from masonry contractors in NJ.

Safety First
The last thing you want in your outdoor entertainment area is an injured guest! Slippery old stairs, cracked concrete, or loose gravel walkways can be disastrous, especially as the fall and winter weather in the northeast gets cold and wet. Don’t let your guests (fall) down, install a safe walkway and sturdy concrete stairs so your guests can travel safely.

Include Everyone
While more homes are being built for accessibility these days, stairs continue to limit your friend and family if they are in a wheelchair or otherwise limited with mobility. You may not have thought about the stairs to your back patio, but when it comes time to socialize, you may realize that you are leaving someone out. Include everyone and hire an expert concrete installation company to build a walk ramp to your property or your outdoor socialization area.

Dance, Play, and Enjoy
Once you take care of the basics, it’s time to have fun! Sure, running around in the grass can be a good time, but what if you want to host an outdoor dance party, outdoor board game, or move your meals outdoors? Skip the bugs, dirt, and mud, and install a stone or concrete patio. When you work with an expert concrete and masonry contractor like Gotham Unlimited, the unique needs of your space, style, and budget are always taken into consideration.

Are you ready to embrace the new normal with an outdoor entertainment space? Whether you are building a patio for your residential home, or making a more accessible apartment complex or HOA community, call Gotham Unlimited today to build your project at a reasonable cost.

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